Asset Manager


Asset Manager is a software solution designed to help organisations track and audit equipment, assets and supplies.

The intranet-based system provides the means to allocate and track the possession and use of equipment. Examples of equipment that could be tracked with Asset Manager include airwave radios, covert devices, monitoring equipment, vehicles, incapacitant spray canisters and any other assets used or deployed as part of everyday policing, or within a police operation.

The system creates a complete audit history of each asset, which ensures compliance with the Office of Surveillance Commissioners. Users can be prompted when an item is due for a service or audit, this automated system ensures that assets are tracked and accounted for at all times.​

System Benefits

  • Assets can be allocated by Operational name or under R.I.P.A. authority details. The system provides an audit history for each asset to comply with inspections by the Surveillance Office Inspectors.

  • The system generates and sends emails to equipment users. Automatic emails are sent to notify users when the equipment is due back in to be serviced or to prompt the return of an item.

  • A list of all the equipment allocated under an operation or R.I.P.A can be generated. Emails to users who have the equipment can be sent quickly and easily and their responses recorded.

  • An in-built auditing module enables equipment to be audited to satisfy legislative requirements. Asset Manager can then produce reports concerning the progress or conclusion of such audits in PDF format.  

  • Assets can be allocated to separate departments allowing multi-use functionality across an organisation.

  • Assets can be labelled with a barcode. When the barcode is scanned the system displays the asset’s record. This facility enables quick retrieval of an asset’s information and speeds the auditing process.

  • A general search facility allows a user to search across all the areas of the database from a single point. Searched words or phrases are instantly highlighted to the user.