Core-DMS is an intranet based document management system that has been developed for organisations to support and efficiently manage documents, images and other media, creating a virtual filing cabinet.

Core-DMS provides a fluid and logical method for storing documents related to a specific case, person or record. As such, Core-DMS is an enhanced replacement for our previous document management system, Ferret.

A permanently accessible and real-time system, Core-DMS has been developed to provide an easy, accessible document repository which can be accessed from within any of WPC Software's products, or externally in its own stylish front-end. The system allows users to add, view and edit documents of all types that are associated with a particular record or category.

System Benefits

  • Keeping all files and documents in one location, allowing documents to be added, viewed or edited across the organisation.
  • Reducing the paper trail and saving valuable office space.
  • The ability to store and view documents of all types, from text documents to images to audio/video media.
  • Enhanced search facilities including free text searches. Allowing searches in all documents stored in the system including text from images.
  • A fully secure and auditable system that is easy to maintain.
  • The ability to overwrite existing documents with new versions. The system maintains a full history of the versions of the documents.
  • Advanced permission levels. Permissions within Core-DMS are controlled via user groups, which can be set using a simplified check-box function.
  • A 'Check out/Check in' versioning system, to maintain control on document maintenance. When changes have been made, the system maintains a full history of the versions of the documents.
  • A user-specific 'Favourites' section enables users to keep track of the documents they use most. In addition, the system provides a dashboard-style 'home page' with information on a user’s most recent documents,