The latest addition to ELVIS' catalogue of vehicle related reports comes in the form of the new electronic HO/RT2 production forms. HO/RT2 productions are traditionally recorded on a paper ledger at an enquiry desk. There is often no electronic record of this information and this can cause a lack of data intelligence and makes makes it extremely time consuming to find out if an individual has produced all the required documentation.

ELVIS overcomes the bureaucracy involved by providing an online HO/RT2 form over the force intranet with direct links to download keeper, vehicle, insurance, MOT and driving licence information from PNC to guide the enquiry staff desk through the process with prompts. 

System Benefits

  • Real efficiency savings - time spent checking to see if a production has taken place is reduced from an average of 30 minutes per car to around 10 seconds.
  • Removes paper-based processes.  
  • Removes the inconvenience to the public of having to arrange for the production to happen at a specific station.
  • Speeds up data entry with the automated download of keeper, vehicle, insurance, MOT and driving license information from PNC.
  • The requesting officer is automatically informed by email that the production has taken place.
  • Enquiry staff are prompted by the system to check relevant details on the produced documentation such as the issue number on a driving license to ensure that fraudulent paperwork is exposed.
  • Provides powerful searching and querying tools to gain a better understanding of vehicle use and documentation in the force area.


Open Quote

Time saving alone has saved Merseyside Police an estimated £21,285 in only 3 months, already covering their initial investment...benefits include up to 40 fraudulent or out of date licences being seized every month

Kelvin Donegan of the Vehicle Crime Group in Merseyside

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