ELVIS-PF is a powerful software package designed to help officers manage the complex administration of vehicles and input details on the Police National Computer (PNC) more efficiently.

ELVIS was developed in partnership with Merseyside Police to ensure it meets the high demands of today's specialist stolen vehicle squads. ELVIS catalogues and makes instantly available comprehensive reports on all aspects of vehicle-related activity via easy to use search tools.

An interface option with the ELVIS system is ELVIS-HO/RT2.

System Benefits

  • ELVIS is able to hold, and cross-reference, a massive amount of information, allowing officers to determine whether a vehicle has been stolen, abandoned, removed, examined or involved in a previous crime. 
  • The optional interface to the PNC ensures that officers are aware of the current status of a vehicle before they enter new data relating to it. 
  • When a new report is accepted, it is automatically added to the PNC by ELVIS, removing the need for traditional double keying of information - saving both time and effort. 
  • Latest addition to ELVIS's array of data sources is Equifax's HPI data. This is now available as an optional extra for both ELVIS Windows and intranet users meaning that checking HPI is as simple as clicking a button in ELVIS. 
  • The intranet element of ELVIS allows reports to be viewed or entered onto the system from any part of the force. This means different departments can share information at the touch of a button, thus making the process of vehicle administration much more efficient.



Open Quote

Not only does the system help us detect and prevent crime, it also saves valuable police time and reduces the risk of drivers being wrongly prosecuted for non-production of documents.

Kelvin Donegan, Manager of the Vehicle Crime Group in Merseyside

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