Inn Keeper


Inn Keeper supports the licensing function by combining the administrative needs of liquor licensing with a powerful intelligence capability that delivers information on alcohol-related crime and disorder.

Inn Keeper enables an organisation to manage premises, licence holders, door supervisors, owners, responsible people and all licence applications. Information is easily disseminated throughout the force. All information regarding incidents and visits in relation to the licenced premises are stored and tracked on the system allowing the force to take a proactive approach to tackling alcohol-related disorder.

System Benefits

  • Inn Keeper provides licensing officers with consistent, quality information that enables informed decision making.
  • The system is a web-based solution which can be accessed via any browser, giving the user greater flexibly in deploying the solution.

  • The dashboard feature allows users to easily access valuable information and alerts them when action is required.

  • The system gives the user the ability to track data and analyse crime activity; allowing a proactive approach to tackling alcohol-related disorder.
  • Inn Keeper gathers intelligence regarding anti social behaviour related to alcohol.
  • Inn Keeper 7 has been developed to be used across most modern browsers and has been designed to be easy to use on mobiles and tablets, allowing officers to view and add information to the system on the go.

  • The system works to improve efficiency, by reducing administrative effort and routine tasks.



Open Quote

We're pleased with the efficiencies made by Inn Keeper. It means that, so far, 6 police officers have been released to police the streets, from this division alone, instead of being tied up with licensing administrative duties.

Mark Czechowski, Licensing Sgt for Trent Valley Division

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