Lynx-Fire is a software application designed to form relationships between all the pieces of information gathered during a fire investigation, enabling associations to be uncovered and patterns of behaviour to be analysed.

Lynx-Fire provides Fire Investigation Officers with greater insight into individual incidents and groups of incidents, making it an invaluable source of intelligence.

System Benefits

  • Recording of all stages of the fire investigation and monitors the progress.

  • Gathering intelligence regarding anti-social behaviour related to alcohol and sharing this with other partnership organisations.

  • Charting facilities illustrate information that graphically identifies areas for further investigation.

  • The timeline enables events to be presented sequentially in an easy to read format.

  • The timelog accurately records the amount of time spent on each investigation.

  • An interface to the IRS to reduce data entry.

  • Recording of fire investigators' time, helping track, manage and analyse work completed.
  • Minimal admin time by printing information directly into templates using word.