WPC Coroners


WPC Coroners is a web-based coroner's case management and workflow system designed to manage a case from the point it is referred through to closure, be that after preliminary inquiry, investigation or inquest. Additionally, it manages the location and status of the body alongside the case to ensure appropriate adherence with the law.

The system is designed to help meet the needs of the coroner’s service; from simple to complex cases; alerting users when there are steps or actions to be taken.

System Features 

  • The system has an intricate workflow process, which guides the user though the necessary procedures and steps from the report of a death to conclusion of any inquest or closure.
  • A comprehensive document management system is included, for ease of storing and retrieval of reports, witness statements, doctor's notes, letters, emails etc. The system is also a centralised database which allows all necessary information to be accessed by any coroner's office worker.
  • The online referral function allows outside referrals to be uploaded onto the system once they have been approved by the Coroner's office.
  • There are several output functions which will improve accuracy and save time by allowing information within the system to be exported into various pre-populated letters, customisable forms, certificates, national returns to the Ministry of Justice and many others.
  • A case bundling feature allows the user to select documents and organise them into relevant bundles. Manipulation of the bundle is then possible via simple 'drag and drop'. At the click of a button a single PDF bundle is produced from multiple documents.
  • A system Dashboard page summaries latest system activities and prompts users when cases require action.
  • An in-built calendar with a scheduling feature to book court rooms and Coroner time comes as standard with the solution.
  • The Notification system ensures users are notified of specific case activity within the system. This is done either internally within the system, or via email.
Open Quote

WPC has delivered an excellent product and the service and support they provide has been exemplary. WPC Coroners has proven to be a flexible, easy to use system with some great time-saving features

Amy Donovan, Coroners Service Manager for Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Coroners Office

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The G-Cloud 8 framework on the Digital Marketplace went live on the 1st of August and includes WPC Software products such as Crimson and WPC Coroners. WPC Coroners is our new web-based Coroners case management and workflow system designed to manage ...

Published 11/08/2016 09:14