WPC Protect


WPC Protect is a case management solution designed to help investigations related to vulnerable people. The system provides highly configurable, fully-functional incident recording and case management features allowing the user to run any type of public protection incident including Child Protection, Domestic Abuse and Adults at Risk.

WPC Protect is a highly versatile solution that can work in any organisation investigating public protection incidents. Child Protection, Domestic Abuse or Adults at Risk incident types are included as standard, but the system can also be customised to work with any other incident type. WPC Protect is, at its core, an incident recording and management tool, but the advanced features make it stand out from the crowd.

System Benefits

  • WPC Protect’s dashboard provides instant access to current incidents and highlights reviews and victim updates due.
  • WPC Protect comes with a built-in API for maximum interoperability with other IT systems.
  • The flexibility of the risk assessment function means it is easy for new risk assessment templates to be added and associated with any of the incident types. WPC Protect will be shipped with several key templates, including a DASH assessment.
  • WPC Protect’s focus on reducing bureaucracy and double-keying means that adding new information or incidents to existing vulnerable people is straightforward and fast.
  • WPC Protect comes with a native ability to store electronic documents and other media (such as audio or video files). These files are therefore subject to the same strict security and information sharing policies available in WPC Protect.
  • The incident workflow can be configured per incident type.
  • Enhanced incident cloaking options mean individual incidents can be locked down to a specific set of officers who need to know, preventing unauthorised users from viewing the details.
  • The WPC Protect query builder and built-in Management Information System can provide valuable statistics to provide a supervisory overview and respond to FoI requests and other data returns.
  • A comprehensive nominal record includes details of essential medication, care status, any disabilities and other health or care information.
  • WPC Protect’s unique nominal and address records offer immense power regarding history of incidents, people and addresses, opening up possibilities in identifying trends.



WPC Software is delighted to be attending the ‘Confronting Online Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation’ conference (COCSAE), showcasing our new case management and incident recording system ‘WPC Protect’. The event takes place 17th of May 2016 in Manc...

Published 03/05/2016 12:02