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WPC Announce New Coroners System

WPC Software is pleased to announce the development of the long awaited Coroners workflow and case management system ‘WPC Coroners’.

WPC are branching out into this new area with over 23 years’ experience of working within the public sector and applying their expertise in workflow and case management systems into this new, exciting system.

WPC’s Managing Director Glenn Bewes has said “It is an exciting time for WPC; we believe that WPC Coroners will help revolutionise the coroner’s service and improve efficiency as we look to expand how WPC solutions assist the public sector.”

We have taken our extensive experience of software product developing and knowledge of the legislation surrounding the coroner’s processes and augmented it with specialist expertise from a number of Coroner Jurisdictions throughout England and Wales.

WPC Coroners provides all the rich functionality that has made WPC so popular within the public sector. Using the very latest in technology, WPC aim to provide a more efficient and user friendly solution for coroners which enables real time-savings and robust management of cases.

WPC Coroners is a fully web-based software solution specifically designed for use by all those involved in the Coroner’s service. It has an intricate workflow system which guides the user through the stages and processes of the coroner’s procedures, allowing the coroner to record, delegate and complete all tasks within an investigation or inquest in the simplest way all within one system.

For more information, please go to the WPC Coroners product page here.

Published 19/02/2016 09:21