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WPC products support Schengen Information

WPC is pleased to announce that we have adapted our current Police National Computer (PNC) interface to work with the introduction of the Schengen Information System (SISII) earlier this month.

The Schengen Information System is a pan-European database that passes real-time information from one participating country to another, in the form of alerts relating to people and property. In the UK this is managed through the PNC, and our PNC interface for products such as ELVIS and Core-Vet has been updated to ensure it meets the requirements for SISII.

Other products such as COMPACT have been Schengen-ready for a number of years, with PNC update emails containing the relevant data, and SISII reference numbers now available on a missing person record.

If customers have any queries about WPC’s PNC interface or how our products are impacted by the Schengen Information System, please give WPC a call on 0117 908 1484.

Published 30/04/2015 12:36