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WPC Software is now Live on the G-Cloud 8 Framework

The G-Cloud 8 framework on the Digital Marketplace went live on the 1st of August and includes WPC Software products such as Crimson and WPC Coroners.

WPC Coroners is our new web-based Coroners case management and workflow system designed to manage all cases from the referral stage through to closure. Crimson is our flexible web-based investigation management system that provides a range of functions for managing incidents, investigations and general records management.

G-Cloud is an initiative that looks to ease the procurement process of public-sector organisations. G-Cloud approves framework agreements with service providers and lists those services on a portal known as the Digital Marketplace.

If you are a public sector organisation looking to improve efficiency and reduce bureaucracy, then please find our products on the Digital Marketplace here.

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Published 11/08/2016 09:14