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New Exciting Features in COMPACT Upgrade

WPC has released the latest version of COMPACT with lots of exciting new features, many of which were discussed at the most recent COMPACT user group.

A key new feature of COMPACT is the Evidence-Based Policing (EBP) tab. This flagship update allows users to have quick and easy access to important information, saving time and providing valuable insights into missing persons. A new tab is available on the person and report record which details individual intelligence reports that highlights key information about the individual as well as includes a filterable version of the iFIND data.

Another feature recently introduced is the ‘My Last’ function. This saves time by allowing users to quickly navigate between recently viewed records. This feature is shown on every page, so no matter where the user is in COMPACT, they can quickly go back to a person or report they have been working on.

COMPACT has also added several enhancements to its Dashboard feature to allow users to manage their caseloads more efficiently. The Dashboard now allows for the default ordering to be based on priority, colour-coded review statuses and ‘at-a-glance’ detail on the number of outstanding tasks including the date of the last update.

Martin Pemble, a PolSA from Kent Police, has been aware of the EBP changes from an early stage. Following a review of the new features, he provided the following feedback: “From my perspective this is a huge change from the last update, with added functional keys allowing checking of last viewed profiles being a real timesaver.

The evidence based tab will, given time and reports on a missing person, undoubtedly provide an insight into missing persons, which without accessing local data sets and intel records has not been available.

The addition to COMPACT of iFIND data and its immediate accessibility will provide both duty managers when review writing and PolSAs with readily-available data of the most currently used and recommended kind. It will allow on-call PolSAs to view COMPACT remotely and provide tactical advice using it as a model within COMPACT, but allow duty managers to see in real-time what that advice is and how it relates specifically to that individual. This will save lives, and time.”

WPC will be demonstrating the new Evidence-based Policing tab and more of COMPACT’s new features at this year’s PolSA Event at Ryton-on-Dunsmore in October. If you are attending we would love to discuss COMPACT and its new functionality with you.

This update includes over 170 days of development. As ever, COMPACT customers receive this update free of charge as WPC continues its ongoing commitment to providing a best-of-breed missing persons case management solution.

Published 11/09/2018 09:50