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Bespoke Development

Experienced Software Development

Many of our market leading solutions start life as bespoke software projects for individual clients. We can use our technical knowledge and experience to assist any organisation with their business requirements.

Within the police market, we have worked with many customers on software solutions that have gone on to become market-leading products, as well as one-off bespoke developments. For example Inn Keeper, our liquor licensing management solution, started life as a bespoke project for Avon and Somerset before growing into a market leading product.

WPC Software
Bespoke Development

We also have a vast amount of experience in providing unique solutions for a wide range of organisations. For a number of years we worked with Ltd, providing bespoke development on their FADS administration system as well as website design and development.

It is WPC's aim to recognise where technology and solutions can bring benefit to our customers and many of our "one offs" become industry standard solutions.

Core Capabilities


Expert Development

Experienced Staff

On Time and on Budget

Our project teams have a vast amount of experience working with a wide range of organisations to ensure they get the best out of their tailored solutions. We work tirelessly with our customers to provide solutions that add value, are delivered on time and within your budget.

Our expert developers make use of the latest technologies to bring your ideas and concepts to life. We work with you to develop detailed specifications that solve identified problems and provide   solutions.

WPC have an exceptional track record in listening, understanding and interpreting our customers' problems and needs. We work with our customers to ensure our systems provide a 'best of breed' service as well as offering a full range of IT consultancy services.

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First-Class Support

Flexible Hosting

WPC offer flexible hosting options to help speed up and simplify the delivery of our products. WPC has teamed up with market leading internet hosting providers to provide affordable, reliable, secure solutions.

WPC offer exceptional post-sales support and ongoing relationship building with customers. We continually work with our customers to make sure their solutions stay at the cutting edge.

What our Customers Say


WPC have worked closely with us from the outset and have been successful in the creation of a bespoke system which meets all of our requirements in order to help us to manage this exciting new industry of end-of-life vehicle de-pollution and recycling. 

—  Andrew Tromans, Development Manager

During the time that we have worked with WPC, FADS has evolved into a fantastic and essential management tool which has received much praise from not only the contracted businesses, but also other associated organisations that have benefited from the detailed and accurate information which we have produced using the system

East Midland Special Operations Unit

Crimson CIA has now been up and running over 12 months and we couldn’t be happier with the product. WPC always deliver and more importantly stick to timescales and budgets, they listened and took on board everything we asked for and came up with a professional product.”

—  Linda Scott, Case Management Supervisor


—  Andrew Tromans, Development Manager

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