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Modernising the Coroners Service



WPC Software is helping to modernise the coroners service of England and Wales with its new case management and workflow system, WPC Coroners.


Coroners investigate deaths reported within their individual areas, as well as providing high quality care and support following a bereavement.


Coroners Offices around England and Wales provide a valuable service and it is vital that they have a modern and streamlined solution to manage their case load in order to provide a great service to the community.

The Challenge

Many coroners areas rely on paper and have been using an ageing database which doesn’t support innovative new ways of working. After meeting with various coroners areas and discussing their needs, it became clear that a new, modern case management system that streamlines processes and offers advanced functionality was needed to meet the challenges faced.


It is important for coroners staff to have access to the most up to date information at all times. They need a system that allows secure access from anywhere and on a range of devices, including desktops, laptops, mobiles and tablets.


Coroners areas all follow the same legislation but each have their own individual processes. They need a system that offers a great amount of flexibility and can adapt to a specific area’s processes, whilst ensuring all necessary actions on a case are completed.


The management of inquests is a time consuming but vital role of a coroners office. In the past multiple software tools were used to manage inquests, including a separate document bundling system. This incurred additional costs and wasted valuable time. A streamlined solution was required to manage the entire inquest process.

The Solution

WPC Coroners Logo 800x320px.png

Working closely with various coroners areas in England and Wales, WPC Software developed a new coroners case management and workflow system designed to improve the management, communication and efficiency of the coroners office.

The system streamlines their processes, and minimises the administrative burden on the staff. WPC was also able to develop a data migration tool that allowed all cases and attachments to be migrated from legacy systems. WPC Coroners provides a wide range of facilities that are successfully supporting and modernising the coroners services we work with.

Tina Gindra, Project Officer for West Sussex Coroners and Registrations, said “Adopting WPC Coroners has enabled us to standardise our numerous, complex processes and to use document templates more effectively. With WPC’s support, we have personalised tasks to facilitate the progress of a case whilst ensuring that key elements are not forgotten.” 

West Sussex Coroners

“The Calendar feature allows us to book inquest hearings and to publish hearing dates on our website in a more accurate manner. The bundling feature is a great add-on which allows us to prepare our case files within the database which saves time and reduces the need for paper copies.”

—  Tina Gindra, Project Officer – Registration & Coroners’ Services

Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Coroners

“WPC has delivered an excellent product and the service and support they provide has been exemplary. WPC Coroners has proven to be a flexible, easy to use system with some great time-saving features.” 

—  Amy Donovan, Coroners Service Management

“WPC Coroners allows for custom templates/letters and forms regulated by Statute to be created easily. This saves a considerable amount of time, negating the need to re-enter the same details over and over again. A Godsend!” 

Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Coroners

—  Karen Hamilton, Coroner’s Officer

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