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Crimson CIA

Crime in Action Management

Crimson CIA is a web-based Crime In Action solution designed to assist the police in the management of time critical and fast paced incidents. It can either integrate with our full investigation management solution, Crimson, or work as a separate "Crime in Action" module.

Crimson CIA focuses on improving the management, communication and delegation of the "Crime in Action" team, by streamlining the management of such fast-paced incidents. It keeps all team members up to date with the most recent and important information at all times.

Crimson Crime In Action

The solution delivers an efficient and secure database which, coupled with the complete Crimson solution, manages the entire incident and post investigation process, all the way through to preparation for court.

System Benefits





Users have the ability to send messages to individual people, teams, or everyone involved in the case in an easy to use, instant messaging feature. Auto-refreshing logs ensure that there is an up to date and full account of all actions, tasks and everything that has been completed.

The system also includes an auto-refreshing rolling banner that shows important new information on the case.

Crimson CIA is a web-based solution that allows users to manage all incidents in one centralised database, ensuring all team members have access to the information they need, when they need it. The system is flexible, allowing users to adapt the system to meet local processes.

The dashboard summarises the most important details relating to a case, creating shortcuts to core-records and information on actions and updates.

A streamlined tasking system gives the user the ability for pre-defined tasks to be automatically generated when a case is created. It also has the ability to allocate tasks to teams or individual people.

Crimson CIA provides the ability to organise and manage team structures while it’s permission-based controls ensure access to different areas of the system is restricted as required.

What our Customers Say

Crimson CIA has now been up and running over 12 months and we couldn’t be happier with the product. WPC always deliver and more importantly stick to timescales and budgets, they listened and took on board everything we asked for and came up with a professional product.

East Midlands Special

Operations Unit

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