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WPC Registrars

Registration Service System

WPC Registrars is an all-in-one registration management & booking software that efficiently manages appointments, scheduling, venues, certificates, ceremonies, and more.

WPC Software has been working with a variety of registration areas to develop a new, modern system that not only adapts to individual processes, but also offers the advanced functionality needed to reduce administrative burdens and streamline the end-to-end processes of the registration service.

WPC Registrars

System Benefits

Registrars Booking Software
Calendar Booking

One Complete Solution

Increased Efficiency

Flexible and User Friendly

The system is a modern, user friendly solution which can be used on any device including mobiles and tablets. It is designed with the flexibility to adapt to your local processes and workflows to ensure a smooth transition.

WPC Registrars is an all-in-one registrars software system that can manage every aspect of the registrations service. This allows users to manage everything in a streamlined approach, providing a better service to the public.

WPC Registrars has been built with a range of features that drive efficiency and save valuable time. These features help streamline your processes and reduce administrative burdens.

System Features

WPC Registrars offers a wide variety of advanced features to increase efficiency and cut the administrative burdens of the Registration Service. The system can be offered as a cloud-hosted (SaaS) solution.

WPC Registrars offers a powerful, customisable customer portal to book, view, and cancel appointments

Easily manage all appointments with user friendly, customisable calendars that adapt to your service

A User-specific dashboard allows users to efficiently  manage their workload

Easily manage all ceremonies with dedicated calendars and portals for arranging and managing choices

Manage all venues easily with a dedicated portal that allowing venues to manage their own profile

Certificate management allows users to efficiently manage stock levels and locations, including bulk recording

A front desk page allows the public to easily 'self check in' when arriving for an appointment

KPI/reporting tools allow for the searching and statistical analysis of all system data

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