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Vehicle Recovery Management Suite

ELVIS-VR is WPC's market leading vehicle recovery system, which is helping over 85% of UK police forces and other organisations efficiently manage the vehicle recovery process.


ELVIS-VR is a highly configurable system, designed to track vehicles through all stages of their life-cycle from initial recovery to disposal/return. It provides information-sharing between police, garages and managing agents; whilst ensuring each vehicle is handled correctly dependent on the recovery reason. ELVIS also includes a series of additional modules. More information on the modules can be found at the bottom.


System Benefits

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One Complete Workflow Solution

Keeper information and Letters

Financial Reports

The comprehensive financial management provided by ELVIS automates the production of various reports including month-end VAT invoicing and other police expenditure. The customisation of financial reports provide flexibility and removes the manual effort needed to produce financial data related to a recovery scheme.

All details relating to a vehicle recovery are contained in a single central record accessible to Police and Recovery Contractors 24/7. This removes delays caused by information not being accessible. 

The highly configurable system is designed to track vehicles through all stages of their life-cycle with an established workflow and tasking engine. 

In most recoveries, the recovery contractor needs details of the registered keeper in order to send service of notice letters.


The automated release of DVLA keeper information in ELVIS-VR to recovery contractors is controlled by very specific rules when the true identity is confirmed for vehicles of a non-critical nature. This completely removes the need for a manual PNC search and double keying of details.


Digital Images

Audit and Accountability


By interfacing directly to other major  systems ELVIS is able to reduce time taken searching and double keying information into the ELVIS record. Examples of interfaces include: PNC, Command and Control, Niche and HPI.

ELVIS tracks all activities recorded by all users keeping a full audit for comprehensive accountability. All actions by all users, including all communication are securely captured. Audit logs are available to authorised users who clearly show decision-making processes for all vehicles within the police duty of care.

ELVIS-VR has the ability to record digital images of recovered vehicles. This ensures that recovery contractors have an instant way of sharing photos and other documents with the police.


This saves valuable time and minimises the risk to the force.


Cross Regional Collaboration

Management Information Reporting

ELVIS-VR contains a comprehensive suite of summary sheets, pre-written and custom reports, task reminders and automatically generated emails to make sure that there is never a delay in getting to what a user needs to know. Highly complex statistics and reports are available at the click of a button.

ELVIS allows forces to securely share data and be aware when a vehicle is of interest to a neighbouring police area.  This will highlight repeat offenders and identify problem vehicles to the vehicle recovery management team regardless of whether it was through their scheme or a neighbour.

ELVIS's Additional Modules

We work with a variety of organisations such as police and local authorities in relation to vehicle management. 

WPC's ELVIS suite of products has been developed to significantly enhance the processes that deal with all types of vehicle-related activity.



ELVIS-PF (Police Forms) is a powerful software application package designed to help officers manage complex administration of vehicle related forms more efficiently. The system also provides an improved method of updating vehicle information on the Police National Computer (PNC).




ELVIS-HO/RT2 is a module within ELVIS-PF that provides an electronic management solution for the recording of HO/RT2 productions. Real efficiency savings as well as a signigicant rise in the capture of fraudulent licenses and other paper work have been achieved by using this system


What our Customers Say

Merseyside Police

"Not only does the system help us detect and prevent crime, it also saves valuable police time and reduces the risk of drivers being wrongly prosecuted for non-production of documents."

—  Kelvin Donegan, Manager of

the Vehicle Crime Group

Hampshire Constabulary

"Congratulations WPC on a great product. It is doing everything we wanted from the system and a whole lot more besides."

—  John Martin, Contract Vehicle Recovery Scheme

Merseyside Police

"Time saving alone has saved Merseyside Police an estimated £21,285 in only 3 months, already covering their initial investment. Benefits include up to 40 fraudulent or out of date licences being seized every month"

—  Kelvin Donegan, Manager of

the Vehicle Crime Group

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