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Vetting Management System

Core-Vet is a vetting management software, designed to manage the entire vetting process, from notification that vetting is required; to the receipt of an application; to the checking process; through to the post-clearance after-care.

Core-Vet provides a police vetting unit with an efficient and streamlined approach, ensuring that vital vetting data is available and managed appropriately. The system ensures less time is spent on the administration of data and helps to manage the flow of vetting checks and balances required.


System Benefits


One Complete Solution

Web-forms Module

Flexible and User Friendly

Core-Vet is a browser-based system, built using the latest technologies to provide an efficient solution that streamlines your processes and minimizes the administrative burden on staff. The system also offers flexibility that can adapt to an organisation's specific processes.

The solution provides a modern, user-friendly and intuitive experience, making navigating and managing the information in the system easy. 

Core-Vet is a flexible, intuitive vetting management system. It is designed to manage the entire vetting process from notification that vetting is required; to the receipt of an application; to the checking process; through to the post-clearance after-care. The system offers all the advanced tools required to manage any case.

The system is designed to improve the management, communication and efficiency of the vetting office.

The Core-Vet Web-forms module allows applications to be completed electronically. This module links with the main Core-Vet system and applicant information is automatically uploaded into Core-Vet quickly and securely.

Not only does this reduce the amount of time taken to process forms, data quality is vastly improved as the forms guides applicants through the process and ensures data is entered in the correct format where possible.

System Features

Core-Vet has a wide variety of advanced features to increase efficiency and cut administrative burdens of vetting offices. The system can also be offered as a cloud-hosted (SaaS) solution.

Core-Vet guides users through the vetting process making it simple and easy to use

Users are able to build up a complete history of an applicant, ensuring users have all the necessary information

The Dashboard allows users to efficiently manage their workload and tasks

Manages the after-care process by prompting when vetting information is due for review/renewal

Generates customisable letters, forms, certificates and other documentation as required

Provides comprehensive reporting and statistics for easy analysis and review of data

Enables multi-force collaboration and data sharing and provides a full audit trail

Contractor vetting statuses can be securely shared with relevant front desk staff, including photographs

Provides a search engine and tasking facility, making navigating quick and easy

Online Applications

The Online Applications module automatically uploads forms into Core-Vet, saving officer time

Guidance and help is given to applicants, ensuring the applicant understands what is expected

The system validates applicants data, ensuring mandatory data is given and it is in the correct format

Access to the Online Application module is restricted by user permissions, providing extra security

Online applications are easily created by the vetting department or other authorised users, such as HR.

What our Customers Say

The Core-Vet database, which allows access by all forces, has proven to be a highly successful means of assurance to each force that external contractors are vetted to an extremely high level of clearance.

Warwickshire Police

—  Bob Lane, Force Vetting


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