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Supporting Investigators Across the Public Sector

Crime Scene Tape


Public sector organisations such as police, local authorities and other government agencies investigate a range of incidents, allegations and criminal activity. While different organisations investigate various types of crime, the fundamentals of an investigation remain the same throughout.


The flexibility of Crimson, coupled with its ease of use, means that it can be used by any organisation to manage investigations, incidents and intelligence. Some of the types of investigation Crimson helps to tackle include Serious & Organised Crime, Economic Crime, Professional Standards, Fraud, Trading Standards and more.

—  Name, Title

The Challenge

Historically, public sector investigators were using spreadsheets or legacy systems which didn’t support innovative new ways of working. After meeting with various investigators and discussing their needs, it became clear that a modern, intuitive case management system that also offered the advanced functionality to reduce administrative burdens was needed.


While the fundamentals of an investigation remain the same, investigating organisations each have their own individual processes. They need a system that offers the flexibility and customisation to adapt to their individual needs.


Performing disclosure and case preparation is an increasingly important area for investigators and can be a very time consuming process. Investigators need a system that can manage disclosure as an ongoing process and can produce court documentation, such as MG schedules and court bundles, at the click of a button.

Investigators need all investigative material to be easily managed in one centralised location that can be accessed anywhere, on a range of devices including desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet.

The Solution

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Working closely with various public sector investigators, WPC Software developed Crimson to improve the management, case preparation and efficiency of any investigative team. The flexibility allows for any type of investigation to be streamlined while the advanced features minimize the administrative burden on the investigators.

Crimson is a flexible and efficient system that allows for all investigative material to be managed consistently across an organisation, in one user-friendly solution. This includes exhibits, statements, log entries, surveillance, actions/tasks, attachments as well as customisable records and fields. The system is web-based allowing users to easily access critical information on the go and on a range of devices.

Information Commissioner's Office

"The Incidents module allows us to review and assess all criminal allegations seamlessly, as the functionality of the system is intuitive and easy-to-use. This allows us to capture valuable Management Information that we have to report on as a UK regulator. Furthermore, cases that progress to investigation can be created effortlessly from an Incident."

—  Damian Moran, Criminal Investigations Team Manager

National Trading


"Crimson creates a great ‘one stop shop’ for management of all large complex cases and is a first class solution to tackling the challenges of disclosure, minimising the risks of getting it wrong."

"Crimson allows and even prompts for disclosure assessments to take place on all investigative material as an ongoing process. Case preparation and court documentation, such as schedules and exhibit & statement bundles, can then be easily produced at the click of a button, saving a huge amount of time."

—  Jenny Hart, Investigations officer

Security Industry


—  Colin Rumford, Head of Regional Investigations

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