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WPC Coroners

Coroners Case Management

WPC Coroners is a flexible, intuitive case management and workflow system designed to manage all coronial cases from the point of referral, through to closure. WPC Coroners has a host of features to streamline the coronial process, minimising the administrative burden of the coroner’s staff, saving valuable time.​

WPC Coroners is a web-based system designed to help meet the needs of the coroner’s service; from simple to complex cases; alerting users when there are steps or actions to be taken.

WPC Coroners

System Benefits


One Complete Solution

Increased Efficiency

Flexible and User Friendly

The solution provides a modern, user-friendly and intuitive experience, making navigating and managing the information in the system easy.


WPC Coroners also offers a great amount of flexibility and can adapt to a specific area’s processes, whilst ensuring all necessary steps and actions on a case are completed.

WPC Coroners is a flexible, intuitive case management and workflow system designed to manage all coronial cases from the point of referral, through to closure. The system offers all the advanced tools required to manage any case.

The system is designed to improve the management, communication and efficiency of the coroners office.

WPC Coroners was built from the ground up using the latest technologies to provide an efficient solution that streamlines processes and minimises the administrative burden on staff.

The system is web-based allowing users to easily access critical information on the go and on a range of devices including, desktops, laptops and mobiles.

System Features

WPC Coroners has a wide variety of advanced features to increase efficiency and cut administrative burdens of the Coroners Office. The system can be offered as a cloud-hosted (SaaS) solution.

Flexible tasking and workflow feature guides users through the necessary procedures and steps

Produce customisable forms, letters and documents at the click of a button, with no rekeying of information

A User-specific dashboard allows users to efficiently  manage their workload and tasks

Customisable referral portal allows referrals to be made online with no rekeying of information

Bundling with pagination, watermark, customisable front & section pages and much more

In-built notification system alerts users of specific case activity and messages

Manage inquests with an in-built calendar and full contact management 

Bulk upload multiple attachments at the same time using our simple drag-and-drop facility

Reporting tools allow for the searching and statistical analysis of all information

Streamline communication with automatic templates and inbuilt email facilities

Dedicated workflow and case management for treasure cases and inquests

What our Customers Say

West Sussex Coroners


"Adopting WPC Coroners has enabled us to standardise our numerous and complex processes and to use document templates more effectively. With WPC’s support, we have personalised tasks to facilitate the progress of a case whilst ensuring that key elements within the process are not forgotten."

"WPC has delivered an excellent product and the service and support they provide has been exemplary. WPC Coroners has proven to be a flexible, easy to use system with some great time-saving features."

Portsmouth and South East Hampshire

"WPC Coroners allows for custom templates/letters and forms regulated by Statute to be created easily. This saves a considerable amount of time, negating the need to re-enter the same details over and over again. A Godsend!"

—  Karen Hamilton, Coroner’s Officer

—  Tina Gindra, Project Officer Registration & Coroners

Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Coroners


—  Amy Donovan, Coroners

Service Manager

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