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Crimson Brand Protector

Brand Protection Investigation management

Crimson Brand Protector (BP) is software to record all aspects of investigation management. It supports organisations involved with investigations into the theft of intellectual property and brand protection crime. It delivers an intelligent secure database providing a corporate memory of incidents, intelligence, and suspected criminal activity.

From complex global and cross border investigations to minor cases of intellectual property infringement Crimson will support every stage of the investigative process. Crimson is ideal for in-house investigation teams as well as outsourced agents and legal teams developing cases and prosecutions on behalf of their clients.

Crimson Brand Protection

System Modules

Crimson BP can be used across industry sectors for any type of investigation. This is because the principles behind managing an investigation are the same irrespective of the organisation, market area or size of team.


The flexibility of Crimson coupled with ease of use allows investigators to quickly learn how to enter, retrieve and make sense of information held in the database.



Disclosure and Case prep

Incidents & Intelligence

Crimson is a modular solution that allows incidents and intelligence to be recorded outside of an investigation. Incidents allow for pre-investigative data and allegations to be managed, and then escalated to an investigation if necessary.


The intelligence module allows for the management of intelligence in accordance with the National Intelligence Module.

Crimson is a flexible and efficient system that allows for all investigative material to be managed consistently across an organisation, in one user friendly solution. This includes exhibits, statements, log entries, surveillance, actions/ tasks, attachments as well as customisable records and fields.


The system is web-based allowing users to easily access critical information on the go and on a range of devices including, desktops, laptops, and mobiles.

Crimson allows and even prompts for disclosure assessments to take place on all investigative material as an ongoing, continual process.

Case preparation and court documentation, such as schedules and exhibit & statement bundles, can then be easily produced at the click of a button, saving a huge amount of investigator time.

Additional Features

Crimson provides comprehensive search facilities, allowing users to also search in scanned documents

The Dashboard allows investigators to efficiently manage their workload and tasks

Crimson has various reporting tools that allow for pre-built and custom reports to be created easily

Crimson includes a document management system, allowing all documents and files to be attached

Intelligent linking process allows records to only be stored once and linked together

Crimson includes a visual link chart feature, allowing investigators to easily discern links

Crimson is a flexible system allowing users to tailor the system to meet their needs

Flexible hosting options allow for greater flexibility to how the system is deployed to the end user

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