COMPACT - Misper is a missing persons case management system that has been developed in collaboration with UK Police Forces. It supports and efficiently manages the many processes associated with missing people. Since its initial development as an investigations tool it has become highly regarded and has even been mentioned within parliamentary debate.

The design of COMPACT is heavily influenced by a drive to reduce bureaucracy and time spent on the system. Features such as the command and control interface significantly reduce not only the time double-keying information, but also the operational risk introduced by that time delay.

The system has been developed over the years and the active user group provides feedback and pushes forward changes, meaning the system is constantly being improved and kept up-to-date with the latest guidance and legislation around missing children and adults.

System Benefits

  • Operational officers can record all of the stages of a missing person enquiry from initial reporting and recording, through the associated tasks and investigation, to the final closure of that enquiry.
  • The system records a full history of each missing person, reducing the amount of officer time spent re-keying information for repeat absconders. Some forces have been using this facility to pre-empt potential missing person situations.
  • Senior officers and managers can guide and monitor in real time the progress of an enquiry in a structured and proactive manner. Supervisors and senior officers can quickly log on from anywhere to monitor progress and results, thus reducing the bureaucratic burden on these users.
  • The system will generate, in seconds, a number of local and national statistics. In the case of the UK Missing Persons Bureau quarterly returns requirement, the system will automatically generate and send these when needed.
  • The automatic link with local authorities notifies partners of each case of a child in their area going missing. COMPACT also promotes intervention work by suggesting strategy meetings once a repeat missing person hits a predetermined threshold.
  • The increased focus on partnership work and the ability to generate and record child abduction warning notices all help to reduce the risk for the missing person.
  • The system is fully auditable, which is imperative when dealing with cases involving litigation.

To learn more about how COMPACT is assisting organisations please find our case study here.


Open Quote

COMPACT allows us to get on top of the issue much quicker, it aids officers through their investigation and it helps reduce the chance of them going missing again

Chief Superintendent Chris Rollings of the COMPACT usergroup

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