Crimson Brand Protector


Crimson Brand Protector (BP) is software to record all aspects of investigation management. It supports organisations involved with investigations into the theft of intellectual property and brand protection crime. It delivers an intelligent secure database providing a corporate memory of incidents, intelligence and suspected criminal activity.

From complex global and cross border investigations to minor cases of intellectual property infringement Crimson will support every stage of the investigative process. Crimson is ideal for in-house investigation teams as well as outsourced agents and legal teams developing cases and prosecutions on behalf of their clients.

Who should use Crimson?

Crimson BP can be used across industry sectors for any type of investigation. This is because the principles behind managing an investigation are the same irrespective of the organisation, market area or size of team.


The flexibility of Crimson coupled with ease of use allows investigators to quickly learn how to enter, retrieve and make sense of information held in the database.

Crimson can be used by;

Brand Owners

Crimson will provide a central database to record all instances of IP and Brand Protection Crime. Initial Reports can be reviewed and linked with ease providing an accurate picture of the level of criminal activity the organisation is being exposed to. Reports can be upgraded to investigations at any stage supporting internal processes.

Investigators can collaborate on a global scale whilst at the same time protecting the information using restrictions on access and permissions. For example an investigator working remotely in Asia can, subject to permissions, access and assist another investigator in Europe. In the event of a criminal or civil prosecution the file preparation is made easy with the use of user defined templates.

Service Providers

Organisations providing services to leading brands can also benefit by using Crimson. Not only do they have the same benefits as the in-house teams, they also have a central database to record referrals coming into the organisation. This allows them to separate investigations by customer at the same time as establishing links between investigations. This enhances the ability to identify organised crime syndicates and increase client detection and conviction rates.

Additional Features

In addition to the standard functionality Crimson provides additional features designed with the investigator in mind. A central database is provided to record details of persons, organisations, vehicles, addresses and telephone data stored independently but linked to an initial report or investigation. This provides a simple but effective way to identify and create multiple links between different sources of information. 

Other features include:

  • Integration with email for the electronic allocation of tasks/actions.
  • Linking information together to provide a full investigation trail.
  • Attachment of documents or other electronic media such as MS Word, PDF, MS Excel, RTF and HTML files.
  • The creation of customer specific forms using their own templates.