Crimson is an investigation and case management software solution designed to support investigators working in the public and private sector. It delivers an intelligent secure database for any type of organisation that has a need to investigate incidents, allegations or any type of criminal activity.

From complex investigations to straightforward lower level crime management, Crimson will support every stage of the investigative process.


System Benefits

Crimson is a series of investigative modules used individually or as a complete seamless solution. It provides customers with greater choice and flexibility when deciding the most appropriate way to support their investigative resources.

Incident Recording

  • Detail of complaint or allegation
  • Progress notes
  • Incident outcome


Investigation Management

  • Action/Task allocation
  • Exhibit, Statement and Document management
  • User defined forms
  • MIS (Management Information Statistics)


  • Managed in accordance with the National Intelligence Model (NIM)
  • Records dissemination to other agencies
  • Risk assessment as required

Case File Production

  • Disclosure assessment on all relevant records (England, Wales and Scotland)
  • Creation of court documentation

All modules are built to compliment the central database of key records including people, organisations, vehicles, addresses and telephone data. Records can be linked through the investigation process, providing a simple but effective way to identify and highlight links between different sources of information.

Crimson has been developed using the foundations of the successful Crime Manager system which has been helping organisations manage crime and investigations for a number of years. Crimson provides a modern look and feel whilst maintaining the functionality and ease of use which made Crime Manager successful.

To learn more about how Crimson is assisting organisations please find our case study here.

WPC Software is delighted to be attending this year’s Serious and Organised Crime Exchange in Reading, showcasing their investigation management system, Crimson, and their crime in action system, Crimson CIA. This year’s conference, named ‘The Globa...

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