ELVIS-VR is WPC's market leading vehicle recovery system, which is helping a number of police forces and other organisations efficiently manage the vehicle recovery process.


ELVIS is a highly configurable system, designed to track vehicles through all stages of their life-cycle from initial recovery to disposal/return. It provides information-sharing between police, garages and managing agents; whilst ensuring each vehicle is handled correctly dependent on the recovery reason.

System Benefits

  • Providing a central resource for vehicle recovery information to enable instant sharing of data between all organisations.
  • Reducing the chance of successful litigation with a full audit trail from cradle to grave.
  • Automating the sharing of keeper information with recovery agents.
  • Linking of digital photographs and property found in vehicles.
  • Reducing the chance of vehicles being forgotten or left in storage thus incurring high charges.
  • Providing an audit trail of changes made to keepers and invoices charged to the scheme.
  • Enforcing data protection - recovery agents are only allowed to view information when it is relevant.
  • Giving customer facing staff the tools they need to provide a speedy, useful and accurate service for the public.

To learn more about how ELVIS-VR is assisting organisations please see our case study here.


Open Quote

Congratulations WPC on a great product. It is doing everything we wanted from the system and a whole lot more besides.

John Martin, Contract Vehicle Recovery Scheme

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