Ground Manager


Ground Manager is a management and intelligence system for Football Safety Officers. It supports staff involved in security and crowd control by recording incidents inside and outside the ground. As such it can provide an effective tool for any spectator-based crowd intelligence situation.

It also gives clubs the potential to share details about problem fans. The intelligence gathered through using the system enables clubs to proactively manage problem spectators and review security and policing levels based on evidence.

Detailed reports

  • Records against a person
  • Banning orders
  • Warnings
  • Review dates
  • CCTV stills

Share intelligence

  • Mitigate risks before the event

Pre and post event statistics

  • Risk assessments
  • Monitor policing levels and costs

Administration functions

  • Information provided in a police recognised format
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So far this season I have reduced Police costs by almost £18,000 and I expect to see further reductions in the police costs scheduled for the remainder of the season

John Rutherford, Stadium Operations Manager, Sheffield Wednesday

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