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Vulnerable Persons Case Management

CATS (Case Administration and Tracking System) is a vulnerable persons case management system. WPC has been supporting CATS, owned by Nottinghamshire Police, since 2007. The system has three core modules - Child Protection, Domestic Abuse and Vulnerable Adults; although it can also manage any type of public protection incident.

The CATS system was developed in the absence of a national database for Child Protection, and in light of the recommendation in Lord Laming's Report into the death of Victoria Climbie that Chief Constables must ensure their police force has in use an effective Child Protection database and IT management system.


The Domestic Abuse module was developed later to complement the Child Protection system. Further development was carried out by WPC to integrate the two modules along with a third for recording incidents involving vulnerable adults, covering additional PPU areas such as Honour Based Violence.

System Benefits


A Clear Picture

Full History


Incidents go through a managed process, from a new referral to a finalised incident. As a case is progressed, CATS validates the information collected and ensures the case has visibility to the relevant officers and staff members.

CATS gives a much clearer picture of the child or vulnerable person referred to them. The data collected in CATS can be used to piece together vital information on family background of that individual, helping the user make more informed decisions.

CATS may also be used to help identify previous accusations against suspects offering further lines of investigation and valuable information to help assess the safety of the vulnerable person.

System Features

Notifications inform the user of any new incidents, nominals, messages or other relevant information

Vulnerable adults, child abuse and domestic violence cases can all be tracked and managed

Incident forms can be created for a child protection, domestic abuse and vulnerable adult incident

The logs and reviews page act as a quick reference to see the status of an incident

A full audit trail is available in CATS, which enables supervisors to monitor usage of the system

Comprehensive search facilities ensure navigating the system is quick and easy

Incident Reports can be generated for sharing of information between Police and Social Services

Provides a common information repository for all information relating to public protection

What our Customers Say

National CATS Strategic Group

I am very pleased with the recent developments to CATS which are in response to the requirements of those officers and staff using the system every day.' The Strategic Group are particularly excited by current work to merge child abuse, domestic abuse and vulnerable adult referrals

—  Detective Superintendent Jackie Alexander

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