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Communications Asset Management

Equitrax is a software solution that has been developed in collaboration with Leicestershire Constabulary. It is designed for UK Police Forces to support and efficiently manage the many processes associated with the administration of assets used for communications and other policing solutions.

Police forces require immediate support response for their communications system. Equitrax provides the radio management team with up to date information and helps them to resolve any issues immediately.


System Benefits

Equitrax puts the radio team in control by maintaining historical data on the location and status of all assets

Equitrax supports stock-level tracking of non-managed assets, such as batteries and chargers.​

Equitrax reduces phone calls to and from the central team. Users report faults and make requests online. 

Equitrax automatically emails users when a terminal is ready for collection. 

Support is provided for storage lockers, spare, pool and defective units, plus different classes of units

Support for physical and point-to-point audits gives the radio team an up-to-date record of all audit activity

The system easy, fast and accurate data entry, and even supports bulk updates

Equitrax helps reduce the administrative effort required for radio management

What our Customers Say

"We are extremely pleased with the functionality and support of Equitrax and it was the only product that answered our requirement completely."



—  Gary Lewis, Senior Communications Analyst

To learn more about Equitrax contact us

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