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Incapacitant Spray Asset Management

Inca has been developed in collaboration with Leicestershire Constabulary to administer the issue, return and monitoring of incapacitant spray in a safe, controlled and managed process.

Inca specialises in enabling the management of incapacitant sprays issued to members of the police force. Incapacitant sprays are classed as firearms and as such it is paramount systems are in place to record accountability.


System Benefits

INCA enables coordinated, force-wide management of the movement and use of incapacitant sprays

Canisters can be tracked on the system at any time, whether they be in storage, transit or with an officer

The system provides a full audit trail, meaning fewer canisters will go missing and information is accurate

A warning facility for canister expiry means officers will always have safe and functional canisters in operation 

Issue and training checks prevent users from issuing officers with more than one canister

What our Customers Say

"Throughout this project WPC software have demonstrated a good working knowledge of the police business and a determination to provide a flexible and practical system. Leicestershire Constabulary is very pleased with the result."



—  Inspector Martin Mawby

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