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New Crimson Features

WPC has released the latest version of Crimson with lots of exciting new features, many of which were discussed at the Crimson user group held recently in Leicester.

Latest additions to the already rich amount of features within Crimson, include its case bundling feature. This tool provides the ability to create a single PDF or Zip file of the exhibit and statement lists. Within the system the user can manipulate the order of the bundles via a simple ‘drag and drop’ function and, at the click of a button, paginated document bundles can be produced.

Another feature recently introduced is the Event Time-line. This allows investigators to create a visual time-line of all events that are significant as part of the investigation. This gives investigators the ability to analyse important dates and times within a visual representation.

WPC has also developed a new Crime in Action (Crimson CIA) module that has the ability to integrate with our full investigation management solution. It has been developed to help police handle time critical and fast-paced crimes, such as kidnappings and extortion. Crimson CIA streamlines the management of any crime in action and keeps all team members up to date with the most important information.

Published 05/04/2017 10:43