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New Missing Persons Information Hub Goes Live

A new useful resource to the world of Missing Persons has recently launched. The Missing Persons Information Hub (MPIH), went live at the end of May and looks to improve the response to missing person cases, help those who go missing, and help their families and friends to deal with the situation they find themselves in.

The website provides a single point of reference, where links and information can be found about all aspects of missing persons. It is aimed at everyone who may be involved or needs help, including persons who are missing, those connected to them, professionals, and academics. This website provides links to useful information and services to enable our network to connect and share knowledge and experience.

MPIH is supported by a number of great organisations including: Amber Alert, Missing People Charity, University of Portsmouth, University of Liverpool, and Locate.

Oliver Clare, Business Manager for the COMPACT missing persons case management system, has said: “The field of missing persons stretches far in all directions, from the missing people themselves through their families and friends, through front-line and back-office police services, through search and rescue organisations, through charities offering individual support and political lobbying, through university research teams, … I could go on. For anyone new to the field, this could be overwhelming. Where to start? Now, with the recently released Missing Persons Information Hub: start here. This goal of the Hub is hugely ambitious given the breadth of the field. Already, the Hub’s jargon-busting page looks especially useful. I look forward to seeing the Missing Persons Information Hub grow into its role as a focal point for all things missing.”

For more information, please see their website:


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