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WPC Launch Core-Vet Redevelopment

WPC is pleased to announce the launch of Core-Vet v5, the redevelopment of our established vetting management system.

Over the past year, the Core-Vet team have been busy redeveloping our market-leading vetting management solution, Core -Vet, using the very latest technologies.

The latest version, Core-Vet v5, is a complete redevelopment of the existing Core-Vet system, providing all new design and functionality to add further efficiencies and reduce administrative burdens.

The system provides a more intuitive and user-friendly solution to support police vetting units. The system provides an efficient and streamlined approach, ensuring all vital vetting data is managed appropriately and available to all necessary staff.

Some of the key new features within Core-Vet v5 include: a new user interface, greater performance, flexible hosting options and greater interoperability with the online applications module.


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