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WPC is attending this year's Professional Standards and Ethics Conference

WPC Software is delighted to be attending this year’s Professional Standards and Ethics Conference in Stratford upon Avon.

This year’s conference, titled ‘Reflecting, Learning, and Continuous Improvement’, will showcase innovative ideas and best practices on how the police service can develop and improve standards through learning. It will also enable delegates to engage in discussions and debates on the implementation of the reforms.

In addition, the conference will present the very latest developments from across the spectrum of PSD activities in professional training and authorised practice, which will ensure that PSDs and the wider police service demonstrate transparency and legitimacy in the service of the public now and in the future.

This event will give WPC an opportunity to engage with their customers as well as showcase some of their marketing leading products. This includes our vetting management system, Core-Vet, and our counter corruption investigation management system, Crimson.

Crimson manages and supports every stage of the investigative process and includes advanced case file preparation features. Core-Vet manages the entire vetting process with a streamlined approach that includes an online applications module.

WPC look forward to seeing you at the Professional Standards conference.


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