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Firearms Licensing System

The Shogun system is a solution designed specifically for use by Police Firearms Licensing Departments. It supplies valuable information to support licensing practitioners; includes a management information module; and ensures that the latest data is always available for operational policing activities.

The primary function of the Shogun system is to aid in the administration and printing of firearms certificates and other related certificates and permits. It is an established, user-configurable system for the administration and tracking of firearms, people, clubs and premises.


System Benefits

Shogun provides consistent, detailed, quality information that enables informed decision-making.

Shogun improves efficiency by reducing administrative effort and routine tasks.

Allowing out of hours access by operational staff to the database via Shogun Intranet.

The system allows police to easily gather intelligence and share it with other partnership organisations 

Shogun Intranet allows forces to securely share information held in their department out-of-hours

Produce a large number of queries and reports, including Home Office and Scottish Office statistical returns

The system enables police forces to work more efficiently by focusing on their core responsibilities.

Shogun improves efficiency, by reducing administrative effort and routine tasks.

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