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Alarm Management System

Tocsin is WPC Software's police alarm management system. The system is designed to help forces manage various intruder alarm records, and ACPO's Intruder Alarm Policy. Tocsin gives users an effective, easy-to-use tool for managing all types of records to do with alarm systems. 


Tocsin allows an alarms administrator to manage: Alarm Details, Alarm Companies, Activations and Alarm Receiving Centres. The alarm response management facility identifies alarms that should be: Sent a warning letter, Removed, Withdrawn, or Taken off hold.


System Features

Tocsin acts as a central resource to manage all alarm system related information

Tocsin’s alarm activation response

facility keeps you up-to-date with alarmed premises requiring attention

Easily manage alarms, alarm companies, alarm receiving centres, installers, activation, and false alarms

The system alerts users of the need to upgrade or downgrade an alarm system or group of alarm systems.

Provides a full audit trail of every action taken including every record accessed or viewed.

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