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COMPACT Sponsors The National Police Missing Persons Conference 2019

Following the success of previous Missing Persons events, WPC hosted the National Police Missing Persons Conference on Thursday the 17th of January, at Old Trafford in Manchester.

The conference was a great success with over 370 delegates from around the UK in attendance. The theme of this year’s conference was ‘Missing and the Role of the Regulatory Authorities’, and it saw a range of speakers from the world of Missing Persons discussing good practise, and new developments within this essential business area.

Some of the speakers included:

  • Mabs Hussain, Greater Manchester Police

  • Joe Apps, NCA National Missing Persons Unit

  • Fraser Wyle, Hertfordshire Police Missing Persons Locate Team

  • Neil Whiteside, Police Scotland

  • Teresa Kippax, The Care Quality Commission

  • Lisa Pascoe, Ofsted

Glenn Bewes, WPC’s Managing Director, also presented some of the enhancements and new features that COMPACT has introduced in recent months which not only help manage the investigation process, but also proactively tackle the issue of repeat runaways and missing children.

If you would like more details on COMPACT please see its produce page.


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