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WPC Core-Vet Strategy Sub-Group

On Wednesday the 14th of February, WPC Software held the national Core-Vet Strategy Sub-Group (CVSSG) that was kindly hosted by the College of Policing in Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Coventry.

The meeting was a great success with representatives from 28 police forces in attendance to discuss ideas and concepts for the continual improvement of the vetting management solution. It also gave WPC the opportunity to discuss new and upcoming functionality.

Some of the key discussion areas included:

  • The WPC Core-Vet API – this will allow for greater data sharing and interoperability between Core-Vet and other policing systems, including HR and automation programmes.

  • The redesign of the WPC Core-Vet Web-Forms module – This new development is a complete redesign of the Web-Forms module and will offer a new user-interface built on the GOV.UK design framework. The new module will:

    • Ensure forms are in line with the latest vetting APP.

    • Offer a more user-friendly experience.

    • Support accessibility standards.

    • Improve the navigation of the form.

    • Allow users to upload supporting documentation.

    • Provide consistency of forms at a national level.

  • Integration with Azure AD – This new feature is an authentication method that will allow users to log into the system using single sign-on through Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD).

  • Cross-Force Searching – This feature will all forces to share data and perform cross-force searching to enable better collaboration between force vetting units.

Strategy and User Groups are an important part of the development process for all of our products. It allows us to work closely with our customers to ensure our products are always at the forefront of their field.

WPC Software would like to thank all of our users who attended this year’s meeting and for taking part in helping to shape the future of the product. We would also like to state a big thank you to the College of Policing for hosting the event. For more information about Core-Vet, please see its product page.


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