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WPC Launch ELVIS Online Self Service Portal

WPC’s vehicle recovery system, ELVIS, continues to expand and grow its market presence with 90% of police forces in the UK using the system to manage their vehicle recovery processes.

One of the more recent developments the ELVIS team have delivered over the last 12 months is an online Self Service Portal, known as ELVIS-SSP. WPC have worked closely with the Metropolitan Police Service on the delivery of this new online Portal, which will further streamline the efficiencies within the vehicle recovery team.

ELVIS-SSP provides members of the public the opportunity to provide documentation in advance of collecting their vehicle, as well as booking the collection and sorting all payments ahead of visiting the vehicle pound. This provides an extra layer of convenience for the public and saves police staff large amounts of time by restricting the amount of direct interaction required at the point of collection of a vehicle.

ELVIS has been supporting police vehicle recovery schemes for nearly 20 years, and WPC continues to work with our customers to look for innovation, and provide efficiencies and streamlining. New developments like ELVIS-SSP help to modernise processes and ensure policing provides an effective service to the public.


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