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WPC is Attending the Counter Fraud Conference

WPC Software is delighted to be attending this year’s Counter Fraud Conference at the QEII Centre London, where we will be showcasing our investigation management system, Crimson.

The conference is now in its 12th year and will be bringing together over 350 counter fraud professionals from across the public sector to network, collaborate, and learn.

The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Staying at the Forefront of Counter Fraud’ and will touch on many areas across the counter fraud landscape. Key topics of the conference include the Launch of the PSFA, Evolving Digital Threats, Upskilling the Sector, International Fraud, Lessons learnt from Covid-19, and Data that Delivers.

The conference will give WPC the opportunity to engage with counter fraud professionals as well as showcase our counter fraud investigation management solution, Crimson. Crimson supports every stage of an investigation, allowing all investigative material to be managed in one easy-to-use system. It is a flexible and efficient tool that streamlines the investigation process and provides powerful disclosure and court documentation facilities, including the creation of all MG court schedules.

We look forward to seeing you at the Counter Fraud Conference and for more information on Crimson, please see our Crimson product page.


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