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WPC Software

CareersWPC Software Limited is an established provider of information technology solutions for the public and private sectors. We design and develop complex applications, as well as offering a full range of IT consultancy services.

Traditionally our focus and experience is working within the public sector market and WPC has a proven track record delivering software solutions that can be seen in over 95% of police forces across the UK as well as local authorities, central government and fire & rescue services. In recent years we have expanded into the private sector with great success.

Our emphasis is on providing products that add value, offering strong post-sales support and crucially the ability to deliver projects on time within budgets.

As well as proven ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions WPC's team of experienced IT professionals can design and implement bespoke software solutions based on the customer's concepts and ideas, or develop existing systems in order to make them more effective.

Our Customers

Our Customers

We work with a wide range of organisations across different sectors including Police, Local and Central Government, and a growing number of private companies, to help streamline processes and improve data management. To learn more about us and how our solutions help our clients please click below.

Our Products

Business Areas

WPC provide a range of market leading products across a variety of business areas and also offer bespoke development to meet the demands of individual customers and sectors. To learn more about the business areas that we work in and how they can help your organisation please click below.