FACET is a software solution that records and tracks details of enquiries and financial investigations concerning either fraud or asset recovery. With Core-DMS at the centre of the system, FACET manages every document associated with an enquiry.

As well as the central document management system FACET has many features and functions allows statements, inventories, exhibits, evidence, documents, records of witnesses and a narrative to be logically presented and linked together as an investigation.

FACET allows an economic crime unit to manage the process of financial and fraud investigations from initial report through to production of evidence in court.

System Benefits

  • Facet is a central filing system for any documents, images and files associated with an enquiry.
  • The tasking facility allows users to be assigned tasks with a priority level. Users are informed of overdue tasks as soon as they log-in.
  • The generation of management information reports.
  • A narrative provides an overview of the enquiry for quick reference, saving valuable time.
  • MG forms can automatically be generated if the case is going to court.
  • Performance of OCR on bank statements enables information to be transferred directly to excel, saving time.
  • An audit trail tracks all activity in the system.
  • The ability to mail merge documents to templates, quickly imports information.
  • A comprehensive search facility includes the ability to filter by relevant criteria and conduct free-text searching in scanned and imported documents.
Open Quote

Many police fraud investigation teams have limited manpower and finite resources. This means that complex fraud cases can sometimes take years to prepare. FACET changes all that

Detective Constable Kevin Pratt, a fraud investigator with Nottinghamshire Police

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